1990 Census Report Hall County

Total Population - 95,428

Number of 25 & older - 60,321

Below high school education - 34.9%

2012 Census Report Hall County

Total Population - 185,416

Number of 25 & older - 86,821

Below high school education - 21.5%

Since 1990, we have seen a 13.4% decrease in education level even though our population has grown by 94.3%

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The National Literacy Act defines literacy as:

  1. An individual's ability to read, write and speak English

  2. To compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society.

  3. To achieve one's goals and develop one's knowledge and potential.

Literacy is not the end product, but a means to a better life for each person, and that person's family, employer, and the community in which that person lives.

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