The GREATEST gift you can give a child is a parent who can READ!

People with more education are more likely to get and keep jobs, lift themselves out of poverty, reduce health costs, and take better care of their families. They support their children's education and break cycles of illiteracy and poverty.

The Alliance is committed to breaking the cycle of family illiteracy by promoting GED preparation, English as a Second Language instruction, and promoting education in basic skills.

The Alliance does not receive federal funding. Your generosity supplements the FREE classes offered to our students at the Adult Learning Center.

Over 60% of our GED students are between the ages of 16-24. They are ready to correct irresponsible decisions they made in the past. Many are single mothers.

On July 1, 2012, the test fee increased from $95 to $160 for the complete exam or $32 for each test. This increase creates a hardship for many students. Most of them are either unemployed or underemployed. A person working for minimum wage would have to work over 23 hours of work to pay for the testing.


The Gainesville/Hall County Alliance for Literacy offers many opportunities for members of the community to volunteer their time and services. 

Volunteers can work in the classroom with individuals and
small groups to make a difference in our community.

​Use the contact information below or submit a contact form
to reach us for more information on volunteer opportunities
​ with the Gainesville/Hall County Alliance for Literacy

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